AQS Champions Women in Cybersecurity

AQS Champions Women in Cybersecurity We are thrilled to announce that our program at Africa Quantitative Sciences, focused on empowering women in cybersecurity, has been highlighted in Rwanda's most renowned newspaper. This recognition is not just a milestone for us but a crucial step towards fostering the responsible use of data in our digital age Our heartfelt thanks go to the Honorable Minister of ICT Paula Ingabire and the CEO of the National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) David Kanamugire for their invaluable support. Their backing has been instrumental in the progress and impact of this initiative. In addition to this fantastic news, we are excited to share a video from the event. This video beautifully captures the journey and achievements of the inspiring women who are leading the way in cybersecurity, a field pivotal to enhancing data usage and protection. We invite you to watch this inspiring video and join us in celebrating this important step towards a more inclusive, data-conscious tech environment. #CybersecurityEmpowerment #WomenInTech #DataProtection #AQSInnovation

2/20/20241 min read